About J. Allen Leadership Solutions

Our Values - Trust. Respect. Integrity. Commitment.

We believe that leaders are made, not born and that each of us already possesses inherent abilities that allow us to serve as transformational leaders. Our personal values guide us in our leadership journeys, and the discovery, refinement and practice of our skills allow us to lead authentically as our best selves. This authentic leadership is driven by our trust in those we lead, inspiring them to trust us in return.

Colonel (Retired) Mark J. Cappone, MS, MSS, RCC, BCP, PROSCI

Mark is the President & Founder of J. Allen Leadership Solutions, and is an expert in leadership and organizational development with over 25 years of experience as a senior military officer and government executive. As an executive and leadership coach with decades of practical leadership experience, Mark has developed countless leaders and teams to achieve better results throughout his professional life. He is qualified to coach all levels of leaders and has worked with teams ranging in size from 10 to 11,500 members. 

Mark continues to invest in the future by teaching leadership and management courses for undergraduates and working professionals at the Ohio University Voinovich School of Leadership and Public Affairs' Academy for Excellence in Public Service, The Fisher College of Business’ Summer Dean’s Leadership Academy at The Ohio State University, and Franklin University's Management and Leadership Program. Mark is also a featured author for the Fisher Leader Initiative’s Lead Read Today publication, and you can find his past content here, as well at The Ohio State University's Fisher Leadership Initiative Lead Read Today

Mark holds the Birkman Method Signature Certification, PRSOCI Change Management Certification and is qualified to administer the Birkman assessment, CliftonStrengths assessment, 360 evaluations and a number of other leadership development tools. 

The J. Allen Story

High School Chemistry Class - 1961

Joseph Allen Phillippi was Mark’s maternal grandfather and is one of the foremost leadership role models in his life. A high school physics and chemistry teacher for over 40 years, ‘J. Allen’ as he was known to those close to him was a true servant leader, facilitating the learning and growth of thousands of young adults throughout his life. His work ethic was unparalleled as he not only taught school, but also managed a large farm, volunteered with local 4-H clubs and served as a leader in his church. When Mark was a young man, people in J. Allen’s hometown of Cameron, West Virginia would often stop him and exclaim, “I can tell by the way you carry yourself that you’re J. Allen Phillippi’s grandson!” Nothing made Mark prouder than to hear that and decades later, he could think of no better way to honor his grandfather’s legacy than to found an organization in his name with a mission of helping others become better leaders and make a difference in the world.